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Our employees deserve the best, just like our customers do.

Are you looking to join a company that not only cares about you but can back up that commitment with over 30 years of providing outstanding job opportunities? We happen to think our success depends on your job satisfaction, so we are committed to creating a work environment that satisfies, encourages, and motivates each team member.

Some of the great benefits we offer include:

  • Bonus Program

  • 401K Retirement Program

  • Vacation/Paid Time Off

  • Health Care Program

  • Employee Assistance Fund

  • Ascension Program

  • Life Development Programs

Happy employee at Environment Control

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At the End of the Day...It's About People

Only people have eternal value, therefore investment in the lives of people is what gives life significance. With our lives we endeavor to serve our customers and employees by being concerned about their lives, compassionate about their circumstances, and committed to helping them be successful.

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